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ONE XboxOne Gtag (add me?)


Was in ghost mode for a bit. Still kickin, Ripping it up in forza horizons 2, forza 5, UFC, GTA5, Have assassins creed unity and black flag but havent really worked them yet.
Pre-ordered L4D5 and Mortal combat :)

Check it out, I've got a mean cockpit going.


Justin B / Supp. Editor
Enforcer Team
Ok it's official, I envy you. Quite the setup, I haven't touched my Xbox One in a while but might get back into Forza Horizon 2 - I just don't have a killer setup like you do... Waiting to pick up GTA V on the PC myself (already own it on 360) but I'm very tempted to pick it up for the Xbox One since i'm sick of waiting.