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Yet Another Introduction Topic


New Member
Hello everyone.

I am not really an achievement hunter, just someone who really really likes nice looking lists of stuff done in various media, and the ones here look so good I had to make a profile.

When it comes to games I guess I play a variety of genres, grew up on UT99 and classic roguelikes [ADOM, Dungeon Crawl (now DCSS)], nowadays I seem to go for all kinds of platformers [from masocore, through puzzle ones and metroidvanias to 3d collectathons], shmups, rhythm games, and whatever 3d actions games I feel like at the moment.

Oh and I'll never, ever beat any significant part of my backlog.

[and I do know that I seriously abuse brackets]

Survival Horror

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Hello there, who said that someone must be achievement hunter of whatever to join here ? I am a gamer and i like all sites that have to do with gaming, enjoy your stay.