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Your Favorite Books


madsoul got two of mine, Hitchhiker's Guide and the Discworld series. I presume you've played Discworld Noir madsoul? I know you like P&C games so it's a safe bet you've played it too, what a game.

havent played Noir yet but my brother did when it was new. But i have played the older Discworld games:


the first one is epic. love it.

Also, have you tried Starship Titanic? Starship Titanic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

a game by Douglas Adams. I liked it alot when i played it back in the days.


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I'd have to say the hitchhiker ones are my fave of the ones I listed. only time I ever fell out of a chair laughing reading a book.

yet i just couldn't get into dirk. any suggestions on other books that have similarly comedic style to HHGttG?


Eragon Trilogy - Christopher Paolini
This is about a boy who finds a dragon egg in his woods while he is hunting. The egg hatches and then you can predict the rest. I haven't read the third book (Brisingr) yet and I don't know when I will either. It's been ages since I've read the other two and I don't remember the story well enough to read the third.

yes. But it's no longer a trilogy. There's a 4th book in the works.


Ive read a fair few books. The series of unfortunate events was interesting when I was younger. Almost finished it :(. I read the Harry Potter series and really enjoyed it. I read Animal Farm by George Orwell and found that interesting. There was also a book about dragons I read that I found interesting but never finished. I'll try and remember the name :p


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I've read Digital Fortress and didn't really like it, so I haven't bothered with other Dan Brown.
I stand by Orwell's Nineteen-Eighty Four as being brilliant, but J.D Sallinger's Catcher in the Rye is just the best book ever. I plan to actually read the books cited by the main character some time in the future :D

Other reccomended reading: Lord of the Flies, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (only read the first four though), The Hobbit (I preferred it to the other LoTR books)


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ive never been one for reading books. Id normally read half and then not read it any more :( the only book(s) i have read are harry potter :)


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Now that I think about it, I just really don't have time for books. I'm surprised so many people here read so often


I got so bored on holiday that I read the whole Dan Brown series in five days. Needless to say it was like reading one book four times with the scenery and characters names changed.


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... the Twilight series (I don't really like the writing style, but the general story I can relate to) ...

Finally, someone else who like those :)

I've been reading the Twilight series, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Lord of the Flies, and others but it's been so long since I've read a book other than the Twilight ones o_O