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Multi Your Top 25 Favorite Games of All-Time


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^what the title says. Saw this pop up on a subreddit so I felt we could do the same here.

You can choose to justify your choices or not and they can be in order of preference or not. Whatever you feel like, just don't forget to say why. Here are my 25, in order of preference.

1 - Final Fantasy VI (SNES): One of the best jRPGs ever made, hands down bar none. The story is cool but the strongest part is its great characters.

2 - Chrono Cross (PS1): While people consider this to be inferior to Chrono Trigger, I think taht with 16 or so endings and the really good plot make it one of the most underrated Squaresoft games (fuck SE).

3 - Silent Hill 3 (PC/6th Gen Consoles): People love Silent Hill 2 and while me and my GF are playing it for out YT channel, but even 5h in I still prefer Silent Hill 3. Could be nostalgia.

4 - Persona 5 (PS3/PS4): Speaking of amazing jRPGs, this game has the best gameplay of any game in the Shin Megami Tensei series and while the story is somewhat standard, the game oozes with style and its character work is so good you don't even care. It's just cool to be a Phantom Thief.

5 - Wonderboy: The Dragon's Trap (Master System/Game Gear): Still have the cart [laying around](http://imgur.com/7z3Krbc). Great little platformer, remake is coming to Steam in about a day or so.

6 - Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne (PS2): The best "mainline" Shin Megami Tensei game. Dark and sexy, but Persona 5 still has the better gameplay. Fight me /r/megaten.

7 - Steins;Gate (and Zero) (PC/Vita/Switch): One of the best visual novels ever made, you need to pay both to understand everything so I lumped them together. Time travel goodness with multiple endings.

8 - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 (PC/Xbox): If anyone ever wants to show why Bioware < Obsidian, this would be the number 1 reason. Obsidian is like The Rock of videogames, they save franchises by making them better than their prequels.

9 - Bravely Default (3DS): This game proved to everyone that classic jRPGs could still work in the modern era (a bit like Shin Megami Tensei games do). It probably would have ranked higher had the ending not been such a goddamn drag.

10 - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Sega Mega Drive): The best Sonic game. It has the best pixel art - I hate the style used by 3/Knuckles and I felt Sonic CD going back to Sonic 1 was a downgrade - and it's just plain fun. You can play The Long Version with restored cut content using the Steam Workshop, I believe. Officially cut content is only available on mobile devices.

11 - Final Fantasy IX (PS1): It's basically a spiritual remake of FFVI and it nails almost all those aspects.

12 - Persona 3 (PS2/PSP): I used to love Persona 4 more, but replaying Persona 3 and the endless spinoffs of Persona 4 have made that game lose a few points for me. Plus Persona 3 has the better story.

13 - Persona 4 (PS2/PS Vita): No matter what I said about hating all the spinoffs (fighting game had fun gameplay) Persona 4 has a good cast of characters and a strong enough story to warrant playing it.

14 - Neverwinter Nights (BioWare) (PC): The game that got me into cRPGs. It had an amazing modding community and has tons of content to keep you playing after playing the game and 2 expansions.

15 - Fallout: New Vegas (PC/7th Gen Consoles): Another case to the "why-Obsidian-is-really-good" argument, as someone who didn't grow up with Fallout 1 and 2, I felt this game was miles and leaps beyond anything Fallout 3 had accomplished.

16 - Fate/EXTRA (PSP): The best game in the Fate franchise. While the entirety of most other games are visual novels, this one delivery a good jRPG while keeping a strong story and characters. Fuck any Fate game after this one.

17 - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (PC/PS1/Xbox): The best skating game ever made. No debate. It was so good it made even a nerd like me want to skate.

18 - Rise of Nations (PC): One of the best strategy game to ever come out of Microsoft Studios.

19 - Age of Empires (PC): This game made me have perfect scores at history in the 5th grade. It was that good.

20 - Tomb Raider (2013) (PC/7th Gen Consoles): No game has made made crafting and "open-world" exploration this enjoyable. None. Well only the sequel but I haven't finished it so it's not here :p

21 - BlazBlue Series (PC/8th and 9th Gen Consoles): My favorite fighting game series, it also features pretty good story mode in the mode of a visual novel.

22 - Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3): I couldn't help but love this game. It was the perfect send off for an iconic character.

23 - Final Fantasy IV (almost every goddamn platform): The third best Final Fantasy game as far as I'm concerned. While I can't exactly put it into a small description, it is simply overall stronger than most other games in the Franchise.

24 - Ultimate Spiderman (PC/6th Gen Consoles): While the Ultimate universe isn't my favorite version of Spidey, the gameplay just felt so good I couldn't help but love and sometimes revisit this game.

25 - RollerCoaster Tycoon (PC): Drowning people never felt this go... I mean it's a pretty good strategy game about making amusement parks. Yes, really.

Honorable Mentions: Final Fantasy Tactics, Warcraft III/FT and Jeanne D'Arc (PSP)
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I have a list with 106 all times fav, with mark from 8/10 to 10/10, i ll try to post here the 10/10.(48 in total)

1)Gun Smoke(1985)
2)Tehkan World Cup(1986)
4)Ghouls N Ghosts(1988)
6)Golden Axe(1989)
7)Final Fight(1989)
8)Snow Brothers(1990)
9)Power Spikes(1991)
10)Super Mario World(1991)
11)Street Fighter II-The World Warrior(1991)
12)The King Of Dragons(1991)
13)Super Soccer(1992)
14)NBA Jam(1993)10
15)The Punisher(1993)
16)Super Street Fighter II(1994)
17)International Superstar Soccer Deluxe(1996)
18)Resident Evil(1996)
19)Oddworld Abe's Oddysee(1997)
20)Resident Evil 2(1998)
21)Deathtrap Dungeon(1998)
22)Parasite Eve(1998)
23)Silent Hill(1999)
24)Silent Hill 2(2001)
25)Devil May Cry (2001)
26)Project Zero(2001)
27)Resident Evil Zero(2002)
28)Resident Evil Remake(2002)
29)Project Zero II:Crimson Butterfly(2003)
30)Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening(2005)
31)Project Zero III:The Tormented(2005)
32)Shadow Of The Colossus(2006)
33)God Of War II(2007)
34)Dead Space(2008)
35)Heavy Rain(2010)
36)Castlevania:Lords Of Shadow(2010)
37)Demon's Souls(2010)
38)L.A. Noire(2011)
39)The Walking Dead(2012)
40)Reckoning: Kingdoms Of Amalur(2012)
41)Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch(2013)
42)The Last Of Us(2013)
43)Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut(2013)
44)Dark Souls II(2014)
47)The Witcher 3(2015)
48)Dark Souls III(2016)


I will forget some games here, but of the top of my head

Syndicate, unique game for its time, isometric strategy game with open mission design.
Theme Park, management sim that started the whole Theme series.
Theme Hospital, quirky humor with solid strategy game mechanics
Transport Tycoon, Another classic strategy game, openttd is still an on going project and for good reason.
Wing Commander 3, 4 space sim classic with full FMV and A list actors, what's not to like.
Dungeon Keeper 1,2 more strategy goodness!
Quake 2, I'm just partial to this game, loads of entertaining multiplayer mods.
Deus Ex, defines the smart FPS genre without a doubt.
The Witcher 1,2,3 every release builds on its predecessor. Great storytelling
TES: Morrowind gold standard for open world RPG's with solid lore and immersion that is still second to none.
KOTOR 2 such replayability in this RPG is quite unique
Vampire: The Masquerade. Every vampire class in this game is unique and has its own gameplay style. Where do you see this in today's games? It doesn't exist anymore and this is one of the last games that has it.
Fallout 1,2: RPG classics that stand the test of time.
Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance: Mass scale RTS and warfare, what else do you need
Warcraft 2: The Blizzard RTS in my opinion, better than 3 that introduced hero mechanics that detracted from the core strategy gameplay with smaller battles
Sim City 4 Deluxe: It's just a fun city builder that has not been surpassed as far as I'm concerned.
Street Fighter 2: who doesn't know this classic fighter for the SNES and so many other platforms.
(Star Citizen): This will be one of my favorites when it gets released, if they keep this level of detail and the game mechanics they introduce are second to none. Nothing is out there of this scale and detail.
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Ranking my Top games in order would be exceedingly difficult, as I've been gaming for more than 30 years, and some of those that I have nothing but fond memories of from back in the day (Such as the AD&D Gold Box games) simply aren't particularly enjoyable by today's standards.

World of Warcraft: I know that the game jumped the shark several expansions ago; I really haven't played in 3 years, but this game is probably the one I've spent the most time playing. At least according to my Raptr account, which dates back to 2007.
Everquest: This was my first MMORPG obsession, and could eat up hours like nothing else I've ever played. I always felt like i had something to do, because this was such a grind fest.
Civilization 5: Maybe Civ 4 is the best of the series, but I'm going to pick one game from the franchise, rather than including several on the list. I know I played this one more than 4, so I'm going with it.
Masters of Orion 2: This is probably the oldest game I own that is still a threat to get played. Nothing has ever replaced it. The "new" MOO game was a nice attempt, but the combat just isn't any fun compared to this timeless classic from 1996.
Heroes of Might and Magic 3: This was the pinnacle of the series. Everything since just feels inferior. I've stopped trying to play the new ones. HOMM 2 was a great game as well.
Masters of Magic: Someone PLEASE tell me why this game hasn't been rebooted after 23 years? This game was #1 on my list for a long time.
Panzer General 1: The original, from 1994. Slitherine's Panzer Corps captures the spirit of this original quite well, but this was the game that really got me into wargaming. Definitely superior to PG 2 and 3.
Rome Total War: I'll go with this one of Medieval Total War 2, simply because of the great times I had playing the various mods for so many years. I'll never understand how Creative Assembly could mess up Rome Total War 2 so badly.
Baldur's Gate 2: The absolute best of the genre of games that really started in the late 1980's with the AD&D gold box adventures.
Knights of the Old Republic: I consider the first one superior, but I enjoyed the 2nd one as well. When I think of the original Xbox, this is the game I think of first, not Halo.
XCOM (2012): I could definitely go with Xcom 2 here, and may change this once I get through the latest expansion. Or I could choose the original (1994) to represent this series, since I played it so much. Just nothing that came between the original and the 2012 reboot.
Wing Commander 3: The best of a series that had no business dying 20 years ago. EA sits on this franchise, doing nothing with it.
Sims 2: Still have the fondest memories of this version of the franchise, even if 3 and 4 are more polished.
Fallout 3: Combing the seemingly endless blocks of ruins in DC never gets stale to me. I haven't let myself play Fallout 4 still, because I want to play through this again again for the first time in 7 years.
Dragon Age Origins: EA has apparently killed this series, which was really a throwback to the old great party RPG's of the past. I hated Dragon Age 2 and never even bothered with Inquisition. I wish they'd do a true sequel to this game.
Alpha Centauri: Another franchise that sits idle in EA's coffers. The 2014 attempt by Firaxis to recreate this game (without it being Alpha Centauri) was not a bad attempt, and I'll never understand why they gave up on that game so quickly, with only one DLC.
Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines: I almost didn't play this, because the format was different than the first Vampire game, and I didn't like the idea of first person shooter, rather than managing a party. This game is timeless, and on my short list of franchises that I want to see rebooted the most.
Street Fighter 2: Turbo. The one console game that I truly feel belongs on my list. Even if my grades in college suffered because of this one (and the original one for the SNES), it brings back nothing but good memories, and I haven't enjoyed any fighting game as much since.