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Editorial ZombiU Review: This Wii U Launch Title Offers Some Truly Intense Scares and Great Gameplay

David Sanchez

New Member

Survival horror in its purest form has all but disappeared over the past several years. While certain games still have elements of horror and stylistically dark themes, it’s really difficult to find a game that makes you feel like you’ve lost all hope — like you’re going to die and you’re really only prolonging your gruesome, horrific fate.

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That guy, who Records Music.
If you get one. This game you MUST pick up if you are a fan of Survival Horror.

It's such a great game. If you play the MP though, try and use a Wii U Pro controller. The amount of input lag with a wiimote is unbearable and almost makes it unplayable.

Speaking of Glitches. My brother was playing a few weeks back and something hilarious happened. His current survivor was a black policeman, and I was watching him play. As he progressed to a different area everything was ho hum and then I noticed something weird. The survivor looked like a WHITE policman. A completely different one at that. With just a different head!

At first I thought it was just the lighting. But as he got back to the Safe Room. His guy was the Black Policeman again. Hilarious!