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achievement time

  1. L

    Cuales son los logros mas difíciles de teléfono?

    me gusta coleccionar logros difíciles que nadie tiene o que nadie se atreve a conseguir, por ejemplo todos los logros de color Swich o actualmente intentado conseguir los logros de the walking zombies 2. quisiera saber que juegos me recomiendan para jugar que pueden dar logros muy complicados y...
  2. MrLaitkei

    Game\Account confirmation.

    Hello ! I would like you to confirm my account, here is the link to my profile - https://steamcommunity.com/id/laitkei/ since I was completely legally playing a game called Blazing Bekas, I would like my achievement statistics to be displayed on the site, waiting for your answer.
  3. brunohenriquesteam

    Why are my achievements all at the same time?

    Why are my achievements all at the same time? It took a long time to unlock a game. Only one thing missing ... But I went to see that they are all unlocked in one day and at the same time ... I have two full games and it's normal the day of unlock and time, but only one game has a bug, I have...