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achievements bug steam

  1. Jamanam

    Steam not syncing correct amount of achievements.

    Hello there. Been on Exophase for a few months now, but since I signed up and synced Steam I've had an issue which has been bugging me I haven't been able to figure out. Whilst Steam says I have 1629 achievements, Exophase is displaying 1611. I've trawled through my Steam and I haven't been able...
  2. Zoelda

    Dream Daddy 100%?

    I've gotten every achievement except 'Escape the Margarita Zone', and every site I've been on tells me it's bugged. However, I've seen that some people on here have unlocked it - can anyone help me? Thanks
  3. brunohenriquesteam

    Why are my achievements all at the same time?

    Why are my achievements all at the same time? It took a long time to unlock a game. Only one thing missing ... But I went to see that they are all unlocked in one day and at the same time ... I have two full games and it's normal the day of unlock and time, but only one game has a bug, I have...