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achievements error

  1. Palpy

    UNO Missing Achievements.

    Hi I have recently gotten all of the achievements for UNO on Ubisoft, but noticed on this site it says achievements aren't supported for it, when they still are.
  2. Almondiga13

    Google Play Account Unsynced

    My Google Play account is level 10 with 73 achievements, but in here it says that I am level 4 with no achievements, even though it shows some of them in a few games, what is the problem?
  3. Estebaxx15

    Far cry 3 PC (Uplay version) achievements doesn't work

    idk if this is an error from ubisoft connect but my others games is correctly upload with they achievements
  4. Glatikat

    PS5 achievements not showing

    My PS5 achievements aren't showing in my profile. I've recently updated today but I got some achievements yesterday. Anyone have any idea why this could be happening?
  5. brunohenriquesteam

    Why are my achievements all at the same time?

    Why are my achievements all at the same time? It took a long time to unlock a game. Only one thing missing ... But I went to see that they are all unlocked in one day and at the same time ... I have two full games and it's normal the day of unlock and time, but only one game has a bug, I have...