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  1. asanaparada

    Droid Idle Startupper - Flytrap achievement

    Does anyone know how to unlock the flytrap achievement? The description only says to catch drones and i already catch many of them. I am finishing the game...
  2. asanaparada

    Droid Egg, Inc.

    I don't know if the achievement is buggy or if i need to do something else. The description says: "Mission Impossible: Complete all missions" I believe i did this. but the achievement didn't popUp... Anyone to help?
  3. spiritwarrior

    Do you like arcade pong games ? if yes check this post ^_^

    Hello everyone, Recently I finished my first game for android. I know that everyone knows the arcade game Pong of a lifetime, I wanted to bring my own modernized version with 3D graphics, a system of 17 points to win, with different powerups that can alter the course of the game, 2 types of...

    Random Room Escape - Door Exit

    Random Room Escape - Door Exit HFG Entertainments proudly releasing the new point and click type game in the name of random escape. Must try this game and enjoy the unlimited fun. ******The main highlights of the game is Unlimited levels concept, so we added every month with new stories and...