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  1. S

    Achievements that give zero EXP while they probably should

    I noticed there's some games that give no EXP with seemingly no reason why. I get the achievement farm ones having that, but there's at least 1 game that I don't understand why it has that and also the fact that all achievements are marked as 0.00% obtain rate makes me think it isn't intended to...
  2. zepto

    Google Play Games apps troubles

    i'm right now level 80 in google play games and i have lot of problems with the app and i have no solution or workaround: - i can't see the trophy log: after 10/20 seconds waiting it appear the word "retry" without any trophy logged - in game detail i can't see the trophy list i tried: -...
  3. Lolopin

    Mobi i got an achievement which didnt popped since 2018

    CoolStoryBob. Its about mobile game "Run sausage run!" and achievment "Die Hard".To get this achievment u need die from every obstacle, in 2018 game got update that made this achievment ungetable. You can see it in recent achievers, no one since 2018. To get this achievement, I just installed...
  4. Estebaxx15

    Far cry 3 PC (Uplay version) achievements doesn't work

    idk if this is an error from ubisoft connect but my others games is correctly upload with they achievements