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  1. M

    My hours played on PS4 stopped updating

    It's been a couple of weeks since my games no longer update the hours played... The number of trophies won updates, but the hours don't. I've already tried synchronizing, updating my PS4, but nothing works, everything else updates, except the hours.
  2. Palpy

    UNO Missing Achievements.

    Hi I have recently gotten all of the achievements for UNO on Ubisoft, but noticed on this site it says achievements aren't supported for it, when they still are.
  3. Almondiga13

    Google Play Account Unsynced

    My Google Play account is level 10 with 73 achievements, but in here it says that I am level 4 with no achievements, even though it shows some of them in a few games, what is the problem?
  4. PurpleShadow

    Achievements page cannot load anything other than the first default page

    As stated in the title, the first https://www.exophase.com/user/PurpleShadow/awards/ page loads just fine, and I can change the view from detailed to icons only, but if try to filter it by platform or go to page 2 it gets stuck darkened as if infinitely loading. I tried looking at the console to...
  5. S

    PSN Trophy problem

    So on offline modus I've achieved 100% on hitman Blood Money, and when I try to sync the trophies to the servers they don't show up, I've searched whole the internet about this problem but it seems to only happen to me. I do have one, only ONE trophy online and that's a fifa 20 one, because I...
  6. Natenstine

    Unable to link PSN

    Hey Team, Just wondering if there are any issues with linking PSN to profiles at the moment. I have added Xbox and steam already but my PSN is not so happy. Symptoms: After typing in correct name and clicking "save changes" it sits with a light blue button indefinitely. Tested with incorrect...