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  1. cioflix

    PC Ford F-MAX and Ford Truck Dealership

    Hi everyone, today I want to share my new Ford F-MAX and Ford truck dealership :)
  2. cioflix

    PC Russian KAMAZ truck and BAOBAB Tree

    Hallo everyone, today I want to share my new Russian KAMAZ truck with special cargo: BIG BAOBAB TREE
  3. cioflix

    DAF | Full customized with a nice skin v1.37

    Hallo everyone, today I wanted to share my new DAF XF 105 E6 | ETS2 v1.37 If you want you can share it, I appreciate it! Thanks for watching!
  4. cioflix

    Tribute to Enzo Ferrari | combo skin

    Hallo everyone, I wanted to share my new Iveco dedicated to the Scuderia Ferrari #StaySafe #StayHome
  5. cioflix

    ETS2 | Renault Range T

    Hallo everyone, I want to share my first cinematic scene with Renault Range T What do you think? I don't need like, comments, subs, etc.. also because I have disabled them. I simply want to know your opinion. That's all folks!