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  1. Williamfabian

    How Do I Turn Off The Steam Games Auto Update On My PC?

    Hello friends. How can I disable auto-updates on Steam? Whenever I am working PC, Steam auto-updates all my games which eat up the entire bandwidth. This slows my internet to crawling speed. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  2. JuninhoRJ10

    PS3 Quais os jogos mais fáceis de platinar e quem ainda joga PS3 ai?

    Chega mais, vamos bater um papo
  3. Iconic_killer95

    Multi Consoles

    Which console is the best x) and why? xD
  4. Iconic_killer95

    Gaming Most challenging game?

    What would you say was the most challenging game you have played ever. Would you recommend it to others?
  5. Iconic_killer95

    Best game to download

    what is the most fun game to download and play for mobile?
  6. ValiantGuardian

    Valiant Guardian's Channel (Come check it out!)

    Scroll to bottom to see most recent! I will keep you guys updated when i upload and as always, have an awesome day guys :D