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  1. DrPlague

    Google Play game won't update to completed even though it is in Exophase (number of achievements)

    I can't understand why i can't get this game to show as completed, it has a total of 8 achievements and the 8 achievements show up on my Exophase's profile. I waited for it to update for a while, but after another game from google play updated i got really worried about it. The name of the game...
  2. TykerielMasterXbox

    ONE Fallout for: Underground Undercover Glitch [Spoilers?]

    I'm trying to complete the mission underground undercover, but it just says it 'keep working with father'. But the only mission i can get him to give me is the battle of bunker hill, and i;m pretty sure that's where i'm supposed to be protecting synths??? So how do i get to the next mission...
  3. TykerielMasterXbox

    ONE Fallout 4: Hole in The Wall glitch?

    So i'm trying to activate the hole in the wall mission to get the medicine bobble head, and i did all three of the triggers i saw in the walkthrough, and i waited 24 hours, but both the Doctor and Rachel aren't in the room like they're supposed to be? Was i supposed to do the triggers in a speci...