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  1. P

    My profile hasn’t updated since November 7, 2023. I’m on PlayStation.

    Title basically, I got a ps5 in late November, in case that matters. (Though my profile again seems to have stopped syncing before I got my ps5, and before that I played on ps4). I’ve pressed run profile scan several times. Does nothing. Thanks for any advice :)
  2. Asmer Yell

    Steam linking doesnt working

    I have all the privacy settings on public and it doesnt recognize my username, telling me thta it doesnt exist. Can anyone help me?
  3. Nick007br

    lack of hour count in some games

    some games on my profile do not contain the information about how long I have played, some games I have played for more than 30 hours and on my profile does not even contain the game time information. is this a bug or is it just not playing time in some games?
  4. thekama69

    Cannot load my achievements

    Hi, I've got a problem with loading my achievements from my xbox live. It just shows all old ones (5 to be exact...)and on my xbox account it shows all of them (only few more, but still none of new ones appear). How can I upload it ? I've tried deleting it and adding it a few times, but nothing...