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  1. BigNutter

    Animated Card Suggestions

    I'm aware that we have/getting a Nintendo Switch Tracking feature. As Nintendo Switch Games lacks a system wide Achievement/Trophy system, I'd like to suggest a few changes to the Animated card options. Add "Untracked/Manually Added" as a "Game Platform" when picking which platforms to show...
  2. N

    Suggestion: Armor Games support.

    Armor Games is a gaming platform similar to Kongregate. They seem to have an API to grab a list of achievements for a user that can be found here: https://developers.armorgames.com/docs/rest-services/user-achievements/
  3. N

    Ability to Sort "Award" Tab by Rarity

    It would be very cool to have the ability to sort the "awards" tab by both date earned or rarity. The site already checks rarity because the rarest achievements are displayed on the profile, so I believe this is a possibility. This is the tab I am talking about...