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  1. Kazuki_sensei

    New feature idea!

    Hey Exophase team! I just had an idea for a feature! My idea is this: If you have got 100% achievements on a game, like how it has the snazzy little gold border, when you search the game up in the search bar (not your library), the game should also have a gold border on the platform you 100% it on!
  2. KGBc00L

    Feature suggestions

    Hi. Thanks for an awesome site! :) Even so, I have some suggestions. 1. Option to display aggragates (sum(time spent), max(last played) etc.) on games cross platform (i.e. Minecraft stats on Win, PS4, Xbox combined, and not separately. ) 2. A way to alter the sort order for more that just...
  3. JoseskVolpe

    J2ME Platform

    Yeah... Old phones with Java integrated in their systems had many games. I wanna add some i played a lot but there isn't J2ME in the platform's list.. So, it's needed to add it.