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    Tracking and achievements on Netflix Games

    Do you think tracking is possible in netflix games? And how soon will the game achievements appear?
  2. CrowSlayerBR

    The site just stopped tracking my hours played :x

    This week i have maybe gathered more than 30 hours of Diablo 3. Last time i checked (12/10) the site was saying "1462.63h played" and now even after playing more, it still shows me the same time. I never play offline, and i already tried to sync, and no i'm not banned neither from the Exophase...
  3. DeltaBugles

    Origin Hour Tracking

    I searched the forum and did not find any discussion on this. Sorry if I missed it. I noticed there's no hour tracking for Origin. Is this something that will be added down the line?
  4. TheLoneStryder

    GOG Tracking may be Bugged

    I'm not sure if it's just me or if other people have encountered this, but the achievements earned doesn't always match the actual number of unlocked achievements. For example my Party Hard tracking say I've unlocked 44 achievements, when there are only 26 in the whole game. (Prison Architect...
  5. TVippy

    Infinite ACHIEVEMENTS Timeline

    It would be cool to implement (maybe few years down the road) an infinite timeline (which doesn't expire) that would showcase one's FULL "gaming path" from the very beginning to the present moment. The profile overview that exists now kinda does that, but I would like to see it presented in a...