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  1. foxwire

    Realistic Difficulty achievement Guide Playlist

    I made a playlist to guide you to the "Realistic Difficulty" achievement. I hope this will help you! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP-2v-x7MeLdoNhRp4TVjshd1CBVVGiv8
  2. armyofnave

    Black the Fall 100% Guide (Platinum Trophy / 1000 Gamerscore in 1 hour)

  3. armyofnave

    Abzu 100% Achievement Walktrough

  4. armyofnave

    1000 Gamerscore/All Trophies in 45 Minutes (Armikrog)

  5. armyofnave

    Rememoried 100% Achievement Guide (1000 Gamerscore in 25 Minutes)

  6. armyofnave

    1000 Gamerscore/Platinum Trophy in 40 Minutes (Planet of the Eyes)