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Feature request: list of gaming profiles


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Could we have a list of gaming profiles for specific games on our Exophase profile? That would useful if the entries in such a list linked to our relevant profile pages for those games. For instance I have an Overwatch profile page: https://overwatch.blizzard.com/en-u...5a4a22fa3d2|78dab0c2400f88fc90c54902fa5367d5/ Another example is World of Warcraft characters.

I don't know if you could find my Overwatch profile page just from my Blizzard ID, similar question for other game profiles, but you could ask us for the entire URL, check the domain so people don't just enter whatever (non-)URL they want. The list of games supported for such a list would then have to be curated.

Of course Exophase already supports platforms like Steam in a very nice way, shows a bunch of info right here on Exophase, but I wouldn't mind if we could click a link to end up on our profile pages there either.

I don't play Counter-Strike: Source, but I do know it's a popular game on Steam that has its own stats section on players' profile pages that might be able to be linked: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Retodon8/stats/CS:S/


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I could add the links for specific games. Maybe it would be best if they were added to the My Stats section when viewing your achievements for a particular game? For example: https://www.exophase.com/game/counter-strike-source-steam/achievements/#855261

Of course it would be possible to add them to the slide out menu on the profile page as well, but I think the list of links could get quite crowded then - at least if a user has a lot of games that are detected as linkable.


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I think that could be a good place. I don't know how many games there are that would be linkable, but probably a lot more than I think; lots of games I'm unfamiliar with.

Maybe it would be possible on a user's profile page, in the list of games, to add a little icon to games with a URL added? That would make it easier to find which games link to that additional information. Hmm, if you did that, you might just as well make the icon directly link to the actual URL, maybe.

Maybe we could filter by games with an added URL? That way you wouldn't have a dedicated list, but would still be able to find the relevant games quickly. If somebody has lots of URLs entered, then of course you'd still get a long list.

Actually similar features just on a user's own profile could be useful: an empty" line art version of the icon for games without a URL, that do support one, and a filter for those to help remind people to add one if they wanted.

I'm thinking out loud here, don't know how feasable any of that is, and if it's worth all the work.