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FuSa Gamepad issues

Discussion in 'Homebrew Discussion' started by HerpDerp, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. HerpDerp

    HerpDerp Wubwubwub


    I started using FuSa Gamepad 0.3 on 6.20 PRO B9 on Windows 7 32Bit and it doesn't seem to be working. I've Googled around and haven't came up with anything conclusive. Does anyone else have issues with it?
  2. Spiros

    Spiros Maiki

    I just tried v0.3 on 6.60 ME v1.2 and Windows 7 64-Bit and it's working perfectly for me.

    Does it not show up at all in: Control Panel -> View devices and and printers?
  3. HerpDerp

    HerpDerp Wubwubwub

    [strike]Huh.. It comes up, but isn't working with any of my emulators.. I've even set them up to work with it.

    Spiros, have you tried it with ZSNES?[/strike]

    I got it working with my emulators and what not, just needed some tinkering around in the options and inputs and such.

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