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achievement glitch

  1. C

    Droid Can't get the "Gravity Home" achievement in King Tongue

    I can't get the Gravity Home achievement in the game and I don't know what to do. It says that I have to play with the home screen but I do that and nothing happens. What should I do? It's the only achievement that I don't have in the game.
  2. Estebaxx15

    Far cry 3 PC (Uplay version) achievements doesn't work

    idk if this is an error from ubisoft connect but my others games is correctly upload with they achievements
  3. cioflix

    ONE On The Road - Truck Simulator achievements / trophies GLITCH (easy)

    Hi everyone, today I want to share some tips for complete ON THE ROAD - Truck Simulator I found another place in Frankfurt where it's possible to use this glitch for the 3 achievements / trophies Mind condition - Practical test - Keep it rollin' ⚠ Keep in mind: ● Go to Frankfurt ● After you...