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achievement steam

  1. Gamingboy79

    Starwars battlefront steam achievements boosting

    Hi everyone Not sure if im allowed to make a forum about this so apologies if I am not. I just thought since boosting sessions isn't available in exophase yet I would just make a forum to help me. So I need a total on 15 and 11 other people for a couple of the dlc modes for some steam...
  2. K

    PC Need Help With Stronghold Legends Online Achievement

    The onlinegame seems dead and when you get a game they leave when they lose. Somebody here how need this Achievements too or maybe up for Help add me on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198012328313/ Economic War Capture the Flag Human Destroyer (Need 3 more players for human...
  3. T

    PC 1954 Alcatraz Steam Achivement Bug

    Hello, I have one question. I have a bug with the achivement "Cat Spin" in 1954 Alcatraz, I turn the Hi-Fi on, when the cat sit on it. But I don't get the achivement. Can anybody help me, please? Sorry when it has a false tag, I am new at exophase. Edit: I got it. Everything is fine.
  4. MrLaitkei

    Game\Account confirmation.

    Hello ! I would like you to confirm my account, here is the link to my profile - https://steamcommunity.com/id/laitkei/ since I was completely legally playing a game called Blazing Bekas, I would like my achievement statistics to be displayed on the site, waiting for your answer.
  5. t-rex91

    Wrong Achievement Picture in House Party. -Social Butterfly

    Hey today I found out that the Achievement Picture of Social Butterfly isn't right (anymore). Here on your site And what it should look like on Steam
  6. Zoelda

    Dream Daddy 100%?

    I've gotten every achievement except 'Escape the Margarita Zone', and every site I've been on tells me it's bugged. However, I've seen that some people on here have unlocked it - can anyone help me? Thanks
  7. Swarit

    Not Ranked in Steam Leader-boards ?

    I Know that, I have used a software to unlock achievements of many games but i have reset most of them. Please provide me a solution to enter the leaderboards. I want to complete with others in a clean way.
  8. brunohenriquesteam

    Why are my achievements all at the same time?

    Why are my achievements all at the same time? It took a long time to unlock a game. Only one thing missing ... But I went to see that they are all unlocked in one day and at the same time ... I have two full games and it's normal the day of unlock and time, but only one game has a bug, I have...