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  1. YouGotHitByGunner

    Multi Cross-platform Community

    We're a friendly and active cross-platform achievement hunting community, that welcomes any type of achievement hunters to join our ranks. Doesn't matter on which platform you play. Our requirement is to be respectful and friendly. Here, you can talk about your favorite achievements, destroy...
  2. Iconic_killer95

    Gaming Hello Mates:)

    Hello i have a channel that i have recently started and i would like if you guys checked it out. Any feedback would be awesome, please feel free. Please like, comment, share, and subscribe. This would mean the world to me. Thank you all and have an awesome day! :D ;):):D:rolleyes:
  3. Iconic_killer95

    PC Collab

    I haven't made a video in a week so i was wondering if anyone would like to collaborate and make a video for Youtube. The videos will be of minecraft since that is what my channel consist of. If anyone one is interested let me know and this is for PC.
  4. Iconic_killer95

    Gaming Most challenging game?

    What would you say was the most challenging game you have played ever. Would you recommend it to others?
  5. ValiantGuardian

    Valiant Guardian's Channel (Come check it out!)

    Scroll to bottom to see most recent! I will keep you guys updated when i upload and as always, have an awesome day guys :D
  6. ValiantGuardian

    Come Check out Ep.6 of my Minecraft Morning series :D

    Minecraft Morning Ep.6: Watch as i go on the search to find a mine and fight my way through the world