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  1. M

    My hours played on PS4 stopped updating

    It's been a couple of weeks since my games no longer update the hours played... The number of trophies won updates, but the hours don't. I've already tried synchronizing, updating my PS4, but nothing works, everything else updates, except the hours.
  2. I

    I can't see hours played in any game of psn (ps4)

    I already seen in this site how many hours i got on rocket league but now i cant see any of them that i got on psn...
  3. E

    Hours played?

    I can check my hours played from a specific period? I would like to see how many hours i had at the start of the year since i dont remmember to compare for how many hours i have played this year
  4. V

    My hours dont apeard

    I created now a user and i cant see my hours
  5. Zeyroks

    The site stopped counting my hours of play

    I've been playing Genshin Impact everyday for the past few days and yet the site says the last time I played it was July 21 :(
  6. CrowSlayerBR

    The site just stopped tracking my hours played :x

    This week i have maybe gathered more than 30 hours of Diablo 3. Last time i checked (12/10) the site was saying "1462.63h played" and now even after playing more, it still shows me the same time. I never play offline, and i already tried to sync, and no i'm not banned neither from the Exophase...
  7. aegeanandy

    Gaming Hours not appearing for U5?

    My gaming hours are completely accurate aside from Uncharted 5, which appears to have zero hours. My trophies appear, though. Anyone else have this issue, any way to solve? Thank you :)
  8. F

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition doesn't have the right amount of hours on PS4

    So I recently just finished Mass Effect 1 via the Legendary Edition on PS4, however for whatever reason, it hasn't shown the hours I've put into the game. The overall Legendary Edition trophy list also doesn't have any hours either. But weirdly, the Mass Effect 2 trophy list says that I've put...