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  1. makotito

    How does one look for online players on Steam games?

    I'd like to start playing online on my Steam games, but I don't know where to look for players. For Playstation games, there's PSNProfile where you can organize sessions and seek partners, but is there anything similar for Steam? How do Steam players find each other? My Google searches on the...
  2. 76561197992067871

    Where do you search for people for MP google achievements?

    Where do you search for people for MP google achievements? - yeah , pretty simple question, thx for answers. Cheers.
  3. Giri

    Legends - "The Skullduggers" - Sea of Thieves

    It would be a great idea if the admins made a pinned thread or a sub forum for this where people posts the achievements that can be (they want to) unlocked in multiplayer. @x3sphere I'm looking for 3 more people to unlock...
  4. bramotheking

    Help With The Division trophy

    Is there someone who wants to help me get the darkzone trophy of Division on the PS4 ¿? It is about the I am the LAW! Kill 20 Rogue Agents. If you can help i ofcourse to the same back. Send me a message of you are interested. I am a Dutch gamer. But english is also possible. Bramotheking