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How does one look for online players on Steam games?


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I'd like to start playing online on my Steam games, but I don't know where to look for players. For Playstation games, there's PSNProfile where you can organize sessions and seek partners, but is there anything similar for Steam? How do Steam players find each other? My Google searches on the subject came up empty, so I have to ask here. If anyone could give me pointers, I'd be truly grateful...!


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Enforcer Team
Game Info Editor
Hey there, joining communities on Discord was the most helpful way for me to find partners and make friends. And if you have a list of friends on Steam, SteamHunters has a very handy feature, https://steamhunters.com/id/yougothitbygunner/apps/477160/friends. Tells you which of your friends own the game you're looking at, and how far they are in it. Useful if you want to approach any of them and ask if they want to play it with you.