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no exp

  1. TiagoDapper

    Extra achievements in the exophase profile (achievements that do not exist)

    On my exophase profile it is said that I have 2,920 achievements, but this is wrong because I have 2,892 (this according to Google Play Games itself), I am bothered by this difference, because I want to try to reach the World Ranking, and this difference gets in the way, because it can convey...
  2. TiagoDapper

    Google Play games with 0 XP

    I wanted you to take a better look at the algorithm that counts for XP Exophase, as there are games that have difficult achievements and many people have the game open, almost no one has closed 100% and 0 XP is the same. I have at least 3 games like that in my account.
  3. thewarlock04

    Not Ranked & no EXP

    Hey Exophase I'm just curious of why my Steam account is always not ranked and that i don't get any of the EXP from steam achievements. is something I forgot to do? a bug?