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Extra achievements in the exophase profile (achievements that do not exist)


On my exophase profile it is said that I have 2,920 achievements, but this is wrong because I have 2,892 (this according to Google Play Games itself), I am bothered by this difference, because I want to try to reach the World Ranking, and this difference gets in the way, because it can convey the image that I did something illegal!

My level is correct (level 69) this in both services. Another problem that I would have already talked about here is games classified as spam (which are not, I already passed the link of all games classified wrong by the robot or algorithm used), this lets me lose points, which for someone who is wanting to move up ranking is something that gets in the way, as there are games with 0 that in fact should have 1,000 or so.

https://forums.exophase.com/threads/google-play-games-with-0-xp.50647/ (Here is the link to the post I made on December 21, 2020, I replied with the games that the EXP was wrong, but nothing has been done so far)

attached to this post is the print of my Google Play account, stating that I have 2,892 total achievements and not 2,920 as shown on this site.

https://www.exophase.com/android/user/TiagoDapper/ (And this is the link of my exophase profile, I will already leave it attached as it seems that only the first post responds, the answers are not seen or ignored).

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