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origin access

  1. A_M_R_Egypt

    PC Origin/Steam - NFS Payback need players to get 2 MP achievements.

    First Strike is Deadly Complete all 5 events in a single Speedlist The Climb Complete 10 events in Ranked Speedlists I believe at least 4 players in total needed to do those Origin ID: N7_A_M_R_Egypt
  2. A_M_R_Egypt

    Get a free month of Origin Access Basic

  3. BIgoukun

    Add an option to manually indicate if we "truly" own a game, or only have access via GamePass/PS+/EA Access/…

    Hello, I never liked how games I play but don't actually "own" a copy, but still in which I still unlocked success was counted as a game I own by ExoPhase. It started with games a friend lent me, (via disk, on Xbox & PlayStation) then it added games Steam gave free trial period, (usualy over a...