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  1. Raziael

    Bug on PS5 games with hours played not shown

    Hi everyone, I don't know if it's a known bug or not, but I have noticed that new games on PS5 don't show hours here on Exophase. For example, now Armored Core 6 has no hours showed on my profile, but I remember that this has happened before with some games that I bought on day one. Anyone...
  2. levelstory

    PS5 Playtime Not Accurate

    I just finished playing FFVIIR Integrade on my PS5. It took me around 8 hours, however my profile says I played 5.57 hours. Anyone know what is causing this issue, and if there is a way to fix it? Profile here: https://www.exophase.com/user/levelstory/
  3. S

    PSN Trophy problem

    So on offline modus I've achieved 100% on hitman Blood Money, and when I try to sync the trophies to the servers they don't show up, I've searched whole the internet about this problem but it seems to only happen to me. I do have one, only ONE trophy online and that's a fifa 20 one, because I...
  4. Jasmeralia

    PSN Achievement Count

    For some reason, my profile is showing with 0 achievements on PSN. However, you can see by the games that I have in fact gathered many achievements. Any idea what might be confusing it?
  5. Dynamite Javvy

    Can't change my PSN ID

    Hello! I changed my PSN ID today but in my exophase's profile can't change it. I tried several times but I still see the old ID. Thank you!
  6. Iconic_killer95

    Multi Consoles

    Which console is the best x) and why? xD
  7. bramotheking

    Looking for a game partner PS3 & PS4

    Hey all, I am bramotheking and i am looking for a (Dutch) game partner. Someone who wants to help me get some achievements that you can get with 2 persons or more. I have a couple of games that i would like to play with other people. Now i am not an super active gamer but a couple evenings in...