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Hey all,

I am bramotheking and i am looking for a (Dutch) game partner. Someone who wants to help me get some achievements that you can get with 2 persons or more. I have a couple of games that i would like to play with other people. Now i am not an super active gamer but a couple evenings in the week i like to start my playstation to try to get some achievements.

Now i don't know yet very well how this site works or if there is even someone interested in this request. But i would like some comments or something.

games i have:
ps3: modern warfare 2, modern warfare 3, black ops 1, black ops 2, call of duty ghosts, sniper ghost warrior 1, medal of honor, battlefield 3, battlefield bad company 1, dirt 3, midnight club los angeles, assassins creed brotherhood, assassins creed revelations, assassins creed III

assassins creed IV, hustle kings


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I don't have the full steam cause i haven't put money in it. So inviting you on steam is not possible for me.

Accepting is, my name is: Bramotheking
PS name is the same