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  1. R

    Certain game playtime not showing

    I wanted to see how much playtime I have one my xbox 360 terraria copy but it is one of the few games that isn't showing playtime but the xbox one version of terraria does so I wanted to know if exophase just doesnt find the playtime of certain games or if it just isnt showing up for some reason
  2. levelstory

    PS5 Playtime Not Accurate

    I just finished playing FFVIIR Integrade on my PS5. It took me around 8 hours, however my profile says I played 5.57 hours. Anyone know what is causing this issue, and if there is a way to fix it? Profile here: https://www.exophase.com/user/levelstory/
  3. PurpleShadow

    About manually added games' playtime

    So I recently decided to add my Nintendo, non-Steam PC games, etc. to this website and I noticed that the non-tracked games' playtime does not add itself to the cumulative playtime at the very top of my profile, but it is still visible when looking at the playtime platform distribution chart in...
  4. muryllo


    A Recently Xbox update add a Playtime for almost EVERY game in Xbox One/Series library. I was wondering if Exophase will have a update to track the play time of every game now? since it's still showing the play time of only some games. Thanks.