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please help

  1. B

    My gamecard games dont display right games

    I have issue where my non played game seem to be most played games and most played games are randomized. So fix it if you can
  2. Dracaryy

    ONE "General of the Army" bugged?

    Okay so i encountered either a bug or a glitch which makes the Achievement "General of the Army" unobtainable for me, even after i went into Prestige 1 nothing happened, no pop nothing.. i even went further ahead and were hoping to get it when i hit Prestige 2 but nope.. nothing, meanwhile im on...
  3. X

    PSN Dw gundam 2 online achievements

    I still am trying to get all achievements for dw gundam 2 and i have no luck in finding someone that will help me, i also have the same situation on soul caliber 2 HD online, whats preventing me from getting the platinum trophy is the online. Please someone help me my username is xVxGreenNinja...