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  1. E

    Exponential increase of shovelware games on Sony consoles

    Am I the only one who has noticed an exponential increase in bad shovelware games with achievements on the PS4 and PS5 consoles? Pure garbage like "The Jumping Chocolate/Burger/Salad/Shit" or "Stroke The Horse/Dog/Cat/Grandma" appears every single day on the homepage in multiple forms and in...
  2. FelixTheFox

    MotorStorm Online Event: PUNCHFEST (PS3) 5th June 2022

    Hello, I'm going to host an event for MotorStorm Online on PlayStation 3 (or RPCS3) on June 5th 2022 at 9pm in U.K. time. Are you missed MotorStorm Monument Valley online because it closed down years ago? Good news, online got revived by PSON Emulation. So, join us Bike vs ATV only with catch...
  3. EndeR

    PSN Ajuda para platinar GTA V no ps3

    Oi galera, tudo tranquilo?? Então, com a noticia que irão fechar os servidores de GTA Online no Ps3 e Xbox 360, eu fiquei com medo de não conseguir todos os troféus do online. Por isso queria saber se mais alguém ta na mesma e topa marcar um dia para nos ajudarmos a pegar esses troféus q...
  4. Ludio

    Korea-region PS3/PS4 games? (specifically The Evil Within)

    Was wondering if anyone knows a good way to buy Korean-region PS3/PS4 discs (specifically I'm looking for The Evil Within). I believe the trophy lists for those are here: https://www.exophase.com/game/the-evil-within-ps3-3/trophies/ https://www.exophase.com/game/the-evil-within-ps4-2/trophies/...
  5. JuninhoRJ10

    PS3 Quais os jogos mais fáceis de platinar e quem ainda joga PS3 ai?

    Chega mais, vamos bater um papo