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Exponential increase of shovelware games on Sony consoles


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Am I the only one who has noticed an exponential increase in bad shovelware games with achievements on the PS4 and PS5 consoles? Pure garbage like "The Jumping Chocolate/Burger/Salad/Shit" or "Stroke The Horse/Dog/Cat/Grandma" appears every single day on the homepage in multiple forms and in small variations.

Wow Sony, wow... you have completely bastardized your consoles to the level of Steam, if not worse.


It's a known problem and has been discussed in multiple articles on sites like TrueTrophies. Sony apparently implemented new restrictions for such games late last year, but titles that were previously approved will continue to appear for a few more weeks. It should stop soon, though.


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What you mean no more jumping games!! I was going to spend 3 thousand dallors on jumping dlc pack to get 4000 platiums!