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  1. boostergamingreal4

    retroachievements don't refresh for me anymore even though i get achievements

    like the title is saying i keep pressing profile scan and then waiting and refreshing which usually works but now it doesn't even though i got achievements and i got all achievements in SLY COOPER PS2 and other achievements in spider man 2 etc
  2. agentfufu

    Jak and Daxter : The precursor Legacy (PS2 RetroAchievements) Review

    Hello to Everybody ! Let's discuss Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy - a game you may already be familiar with! ——- I recently signed-up to the website and was delighted to find that it had a RetroAchievement section. Eager to check it out, I decided to try my hand at playing a game...
  3. Megaomnislash

    Blank game icons on gamecard

    Hi! Some retroachievements game icons are not showing on my gamecard, there is just a blaink space in they place.
  4. Konsterter

    Verify retro service

    Hello there. How to verify RetroAchievement service?

    Retroachievements adds PS1

    Just wanted to let everyone know they added this huge addition https://retroachievements.org/viewtopic.php?t=9302

    Retoachivments would be the last great addition for me.