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time played

  1. A

    Xbox one games no longer track time played ?

    Hey Guys, I noticed that if you are playing Xbox one games on Xbox series X/S, it is no longer tracking the time played? I have noticed this in several games eg Ac unity, Ac syndicate, CoD Ghosts etc. Is it only me or is this happening with others too?
  2. Raziael

    Bug on PS5 games with hours played not shown

    Hi everyone, I don't know if it's a known bug or not, but I have noticed that new games on PS5 don't show hours here on Exophase. For example, now Armored Core 6 has no hours showed on my profile, but I remember that this has happened before with some games that I bought on day one. Anyone...
  3. CrowSlayerBR

    The site just stopped tracking my hours played :x

    This week i have maybe gathered more than 30 hours of Diablo 3. Last time i checked (12/10) the site was saying "1462.63h played" and now even after playing more, it still shows me the same time. I never play offline, and i already tried to sync, and no i'm not banned neither from the Exophase...