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xbox one

  1. A

    Xbox one games no longer track time played ?

    Hey Guys, I noticed that if you are playing Xbox one games on Xbox series X/S, it is no longer tracking the time played? I have noticed this in several games eg Ac unity, Ac syndicate, CoD Ghosts etc. Is it only me or is this happening with others too?
  2. Dracaryy

    ONE "General of the Army" bugged?

    Okay so i encountered either a bug or a glitch which makes the Achievement "General of the Army" unobtainable for me, even after i went into Prestige 1 nothing happened, no pop nothing.. i even went further ahead and were hoping to get it when i hit Prestige 2 but nope.. nothing, meanwhile im on...
  3. R

    Certain game playtime not showing

    I wanted to see how much playtime I have one my xbox 360 terraria copy but it is one of the few games that isn't showing playtime but the xbox one version of terraria does so I wanted to know if exophase just doesnt find the playtime of certain games or if it just isnt showing up for some reason
  4. JoseskVolpe

    Gaming Dead Effect 2 - Who Needs Ammo? Guide

    Chapter 17 - Russian Trail To get this achivement, don't take any ammo box in the map. The best way to do that is to change your weapons to melee, paralizer or magic extension and refill your remaing equipped fire weapons or bows, then, use only melee, magic and paralizer You can get this...
  5. M

    Xbox One Time Played Tracker not on some games

    Hello I have noticed that some Xbox One games are not tracking timed played, I understand that is may be down to the fact that some games to not have it on their stats leader-boards. I want to know if A) would it possible to track game time played through other means (Similar to how Raptr...
  6. armyofnave

    1000 Gamerscore/All Trophies in 45 Minutes (Armikrog)

  7. armyofnave

    Rememoried 100% Achievement Guide (1000 Gamerscore in 25 Minutes)

  8. armyofnave

    1000 Gamerscore/All Trophies in 45 Minutes (Dreambreak)

  9. armyofnave

    1000 Gamerscore/Platinum Trophy in 40 Minutes (Planet of the Eyes)

  10. Iconic_killer95

    Multi Consoles

    Which console is the best x) and why? xD

    Gamercard Issue

    Hello guys! I'm having an issue with the Gamercard Creator not showing any of my Xbox One games or achievements. I changed my privacy settings for the required sections on the Xbox website. I've included an image of what I'm seeing below. Please help!
  12. TykerielMasterXbox

    ONE Fallout for: Underground Undercover Glitch [Spoilers?]

    I'm trying to complete the mission underground undercover, but it just says it 'keep working with father'. But the only mission i can get him to give me is the battle of bunker hill, and i;m pretty sure that's where i'm supposed to be protecting synths??? So how do i get to the next mission...