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Xbox One Time Played Tracker not on some games


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Hello I have noticed that some Xbox One games are not tracking timed played,

I understand that is may be down to the fact that some games to not have it on their stats leader-boards.

I want to know if

A) would it possible to track game time played through other means (Similar to how Raptr tracked Xbox game time).

B) Does the "edit game" button on Xbox One affect the Total Xbox Hours if the hours played is manually updated?

Please let me know if this is the case and is it possible?

Many Thanks


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Not exactly sure how Raptr worked but I believe it just kept checking the presence information. Basically checked if to see if you were playing a game, then checked it again 10-20 minutes later, and if you were still playing it then assumed you played it for that many minutes.

I don't think that way of checking is feasible with how many users we track (maybe it was for Raptr, they had a lot more resources).

Regarding B) editing the hours for games already tracked won't affect the total displayed, but I could implement that. The only obstacle to adding that is we need to verify that you actually own the account, otherwise anyone would be able to edit what's shown on the Xbox profiles here as there's no verification currently.

At the moment, if you edit hours on a tracked platform, it just shows the edited value for you while logged in or when viewing your main Exophase profile - not the platform-specific one.
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