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  1. playshowandre

    Retro Vídeos do CANAL - PlayShow - André!

    Venha conhecer meu Canal de Gameplays! TMJ Vídeo novo todos os Sábados! Canal PlayShow - André! Estamos Jogando FINAL FANTASY VII - CLÁSSICO DE 1997! Venha acompanhar ESSA Gameplay insana! Obrigado por Assistir! Gratidão...!
  2. Spiegelei

    Tips on improving my voice acting?

    So, I recorded my first ever video with voice acting (I recorded the video material beforehand) and while I think it's okay for a first video, I don't think it's anywhere near perfect or "as I want it to be"... Do you have any suggestions on how to sound more natural or what things to add to...
  3. Iconic_killer95

    Gaming Hello Mates:)

    Hello i have a channel that i have recently started and i would like if you guys checked it out. Any feedback would be awesome, please feel free. Please like, comment, share, and subscribe. This would mean the world to me. Thank you all and have an awesome day! :D ;):):D:rolleyes:
  4. ValiantGuardian

    Valiant Guardian's Channel (Come check it out!)

    Scroll to bottom to see most recent! I will keep you guys updated when i upload and as always, have an awesome day guys :D