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(Video) Black Mesa Achievement Review !


Oh my... i have finally finish this video, i'll leave the link here for you to watch it , the following text is just the process and feeling i got while doing the video.

First , i would like to thanks all the people who gaved me feedbacks while doing the montage ,it would have been worse without them.

The original idea was to Review the achievements ( as the title say ) and tell peoples / developpers what is fun / not funs for players. I'm tired of collectibles achievements for exemples , after years of going for them on EVERY SINGLE FUCKING GAME.

I didn't wanted to do the exact same things as people is usually doing with all the "Achievements hypes" we got lately. putting the camera on and doing all achievements , one by one , showing the struggling and basic montage.

I wanted to do much much more , maybe something serious , maybe something with memes ? why not doing both at the same time. The first struggle i got was the fact that i never touched any editing software in my entire life. not once.

How can you expect something to be good quality on the first time anyway?

And woaw .... all the struggles i got , Recording , Editings Clips , Fixing the audios on each clips , Checking what settings and what decoder to use... And thats only for the recording part !

i've made a lot of mistake that i've only seeing now , like not writing the entire script before editing / doing montage , as you will see in the video , it sound like im trying to find my style. From serious , to memes , to chill montage , to almost only talking. because this is another struggle. as someone who never spoke in front of a recording software ( Do you know the fucking struggle to hear your own voices the first few weeks ?) i do not what style i should do , what do i like ? and what people would like ? i don't want this to be a pain to watch.

Thats why i tried everything that came into my mind while editing and hope to get various constructive feedbacks in the process.

This video was a huge effort on my part on every single part possible , if you like it . share it and be sure to give me your precious feedback that could shape the future of the channel.

Have a nice day and thanks for reading!