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    I can't seem to get my exophase gamercard to properly display on my clans website, on my profile. it seems that when i link my account it generates a new card, not the one i have customized in my profile. id like to use the one ive created and not the one that keeps getting generated, as this randomly generated one has games i only tried, usually for less than an hour on half of it. id like to use the three games i play most the time on it, and according to the gamercard in my exophase profile it is. but it doesn't link this one to the website. any help would be appreciated. thanks.
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    Are you using the Gamer Profiles plugin for XenForo on your website?

    Basically, you need to use the links or embed codes we provide for the customized cards. The plugin doesn't assume (or know) you have an Exophase profile so for example, it does the card lookup based on Steam username only, which does not pull the card associated with your profile on here.

    It's something the plugin would have to be updated to support, if a field for your Exophase account name was added for example that could be used to pull the customized card. I didn't write that plugin though, so you'd have to ask the dev.

    To put another way... the plugin is requesting (I assume) the following URL:


    That just gets the Steam specific card. It needs to request in this format instead to fetch the customized card attached to your account:


    Hopefully that makes sense.
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