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Additional filter in games list


Hi. :)

Sometimes I need an inspiration of what's playing next. So I like to use leaderbords, sort them by most players and look into those game I haven't played yet. For that purpose it would be amazing if you could use the game lists here, filter them by platform and don't only exklude competed games but those you already have started (or at least earned one single achievement).

Second way to discover new games is looking into an gamer profile which is in front of you in the leaderbords and only show those game you haven't started. But as I've probably understood right, this is a planned feature in the nearer future, isn't it?

Hopefully you can understand what I'm talking here. Oh man, sometimes I wish my english would be so much better... 🧐

Sebastian /Windhauch


Staff member
Enforcer Team
I could add a way to filter games you've started from the game list pages.

For the second request, I think the profile comparison feature we're working on would be able to handle that. When comparing a profile we can have a checkbox that lets you only show games you haven't started yet.