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Affiliation with AcidMods.com


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Enforcer Team
I wanted to officially announce that eXophase.com has teamed up with AcidMods.com, a website specializing in hardware modding across all console and handheld platforms. Seeing as our site is primarily software-focused, we thought this partnership would be a great fit, since it will allow both of us to expand our reach. As you are probably aware, AcidMods has been responsible for a number of news-breaking modification projects in the past, including a PSP with dual analog sticks and an illuminated DS Lite.

That being said, we encourage all users to check out AcidMods for information and tutorials on hardware modification. :) From here on out, expect to see more hardware modification news on our front page as well.
yeh we are very happy with this team up and will find it mutually beneficial and expect to see some changes around acidmods soon as we endeavor to freshen up the site