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An unfortunate event - eXophase.com downtime explained


Waking up on a rare day where you have all the time in the world only to find your favourite site is down is disheartening. This is exactly what happened to us two days ago and we weren't happy. :mad1:

Just recently, in order to cope with an increase in popularity and to make sure we could handle further traffic, we switched to a new host and bought a really sweet server for eXophase.com. On Friday, we were at a loss for words when we found eXophase.com inaccessible and tried everything in our power to try to get it up (as soon as possible).

Unfortunately, this downtime was unexpected and caused by technical difficulties on the part of our host which were out of our hands. We are doing everything we can to reduce the chances of this happening again and sincerely apologise for our unexpected downtime.

In the event this happens again, a status update will be posted on http://my.malloc.us/evilseph as soon as we have information.

Thanks for your continued support and loyalty, we really appreciate it. :blushing:


New Member
thank goodness the site is back i was mad all day cuz i thought my internet wouldnt let me go on this site


New Member
What a relief! I had just run SpyBot; which found a brand new spyware & removed it. When I couldn't get on to exophase I thought my PC was screwed up!

Sorry you Tech guys had to deal with the situation, but I seriously thank you for doing so :)


But I was committed after that birthday party...
Haha, I though I was 'Terrible User'd' in my face. :p Glad we're back up, I cried a bit inside. XD