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Android Secret Achievements


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First thanks for the awesome site!

I noticed that on the main website, it has all the Google Play achievements for Android games, including those that aren't able to be unlocked yet (e.g. Fire Emblem Heroes, where Book II Chapter 13 hasn't been released yet, but is listed in Google Play Games as "Secret: Keep playing to learn more" until the chapter is released, and you complete it).

How does the site get these achievements (and their icons)? Does it use an API? Is that exclusive to Google Play partner organizations? Who would be the person here who set that up/would be able to work out how it does it?



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Enforcer Team
Yes, we rely on an API for that information. It is the same API the Google Play games app uses, that's how the site also tracks player activity. Feel free to PM me if you have other questions on this.