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Any plans for organization?


Suck It
Not sure if this belongs here or not...

Anyways, is there any plans in regards to how the front page is going to be organized?

Are all of the news stories going to be thrown onto the same front page? I think this may lead to an overall cluttered front page, with news from all types of interests, making it difficult to find the type of news you want to read. It also has a tendency to push down articles because of the frequency of how many articles are being produced. Missing more important articles may be a consequence of this.

Should it be divided into sections similar to QJ? (Ie. PSP, DS, PC, etc)
Rather than taking on a style mentioned above, maybe we could be more creative about it. Take on a style similar to how the forums are set up and have a section for console-related news(including PC?), a section strictly for games, and a section dedicated to homebrew. If any of these sections aren't appropriate for a news story than an alternative page could be available, but I think the majority of articles are probably going to fit into those categories.

Post comments, thoughts, whatever...


Also, if the front page is in need of any writers, I'd be glad to help. I'm taking an academic writing course in university right now, and writing articles for this site would be a great experience.

Abe Froeman

Gamer Dad
Enforcer Team
Thanks for the feedback. I think you bring up some valid points and am sure the articles will be categorized at some point in the not so distant future.

Step one was getting the news setup.

Edit - The categories on the sidebar work, but all of the articles are showing up on the main page at the moment.


Justin B / Supp. Editor
Enforcer Team
Slasher, this is how I imagined it to work when I was setting it up, although right now there are a few articles that don't fit the flow - mainly because of image placement with my articles compared to exophase's layout (I will aim to make all articles seem similar in structure).

My intention was to have the front page have all the news related to gaming and consumer electronics in one outlet. From there you could click on the top categories and go to your specific interest and you can even bookmark that page if you see fit. We are not going to supply a constant stream of every news that comes about, we are going to pick and choose what interests us individually and post about it as it comes up - hence my two articles detailing the HP Mini 1000 which I feel everyone should know about - one of the best netbooks on the market now and the Pandora - the next open-source handheld.