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[BETA] Lockdown XMB Style Beta-3


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Lockdown XMB Style Beta-3
By Torch

Tested on 4.01M33-2 Slim. I haven't tested on Phat but I'm 99.9% sure it won't work.

Download: Obsolete version.



Big time thanks to Dark_Alex for his VLF library, without which this would have been impossible. Also thanks for adding the Plugins Disable feature in 5.00M33-2

Now uses the XMB Wave as the background.

This can brick your PSP if improperly installed or due to bugs as it is a BETA.

Copy the following files to the flash0:/ root directory.

Rename flash0:/vsh/module/vshmain.prx to vshmain_real.prx
Copy the included vshmain.prx to flash0:/vsh/module/

Reboot the PSP and verify that it is working. If everything is fine, then proceed to do the same for recovery.prx if you want to protect the recovery menu as well.
Rename flash0:/vsh/module/recovery.prx to recovery_real.prx
Copy the included recovery.prx to flash0:/vsh/module/

Enhanced Security (Optional):
Since 5.00M33-2, you can disable the loading of plugins in the Recovery menu, under Advanced Configuration. If you set XMB Plugins to Disabled then it is impossible to bypass Lockdown using plugins.

If you create a blank file in flash0: called loadplugins.txt then Lockdown will load the XMB plugins after the correct password is entered, even if XMB Plugins is Disabled.

There is a small problem with having Lockdown load the plugins though. Some plugins which hook functions by waiting for the target firmware module to start may not work, because the module would have already been started before Lockdown loads the plugin. Such plugins have to be manually installed in the pspbt*nf.bin files before the modules they try to hook are loaded.

If you are not using the Disable XMB Plugins options, then there is no problem.

To change the color of the wave you can hex edit address 0x1D8 and change the value corresponding to each month (in hexadecimal).

Presently the theme file is called lockdown.argb and is not compatible with Lockdown v3.0 themes as the current version can only load ARGB uncompressed BMPs. The graphics used are included to help make custom themes.

Changelog BETA-3:
Enhanced security. Plugins cannot be used to bypass the password.
Optimized memory usage.

Changelog BETA-2:
Fixed a problem where ISOs would not show up in the XMB.


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this bricked my psp, i did everything it said to do, i put different xmb thems on it before with no problem,
what this one did to me was i entered the pass and it like forze in that spot, and the psp didnt shut off. soooooo, if theres a way to fix that without having to use my pandoras battery please tell me


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You might have not renamed vshmain_real.prx properly, or not copied the other PRXs in flash0:
Go to recovery menu and restore the original files. I instructed to first test only vshmain.prx and only after that do for recovery.prx.

It may not work with all xmb themes as the RCO parsing code was rewritten in VLF.prx i think. It may not have the same compatibility as the XMB's code.

Do the waves stop moving or do they continue moving after it freezes?


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how can i

hey, man how can i fix my psp because i think your "lock xmb" plugin bricked my psp ... because it is always frozen when i'm gonna open it ..how can i uninstall it because i can't open but i know my password.. i don't know what am i gonna do,, because it is my first time to use a plugin.. it is always


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This particular version (XMB Style Beta-3) has a black screen bug, hence the beta classificationn. There are no problems with the final version (Pack 2 as of now). It cannot be installed on HEN or it will brick your PSP. You should never touch flash0 PRXs on HEN.