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I'm Woolly,

let me introduce you to Team Biohazard. We are a club that was established back in 2020. Biohazard started off being absolutley nothing but a feather in the wind. It truly at the time was nothing but five gamer buddys with a passion for arcade/simulation racing. One day we all had the same idea at the same minute come across our minds, we wanted to challenge not just our self but the competitve gaming and racing world. Now all this time later with that mission on our mind Team Biohazard has managed to land now and counting 10 gaming sponsorships, on 7 diff major social media platforms, We have spread out across the gaming land being our crew has divisions on xbox , pc , playstation and as crazy as it sounds switch. We are a competitive racing club, which are main is NFS Heat & Unbound ,but we are also on GT7, Asetto Corsa, NFS Payback, Forza 5, NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered. Thanks to our over 45+ members and counting, TEAM BIOHAZARD keeps on competing at some of the highest levels. "TOXICITY LIVES HERE" link to our Official Website


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